100 Dollar Program

The SFD has long recognized that some situations our fire companies responded require something other than a hose line or bandage. 2008 was the initial year of the program which gives firefighters the authority to spend up to $100 – at their discretion – to help a citizen in need. Be it groceries for a single mom, a bed for a child post-fire, gas for a stranded motorist, or a space heater for an elderly couple, our $100 Program is a means for getting people back on their feet again.

The 100 Dollar Program involves empowerment and trust – traits sometimes missing within government and public sector arenas. If they see someone in need, firefighters can spend up to $100 – no questions asked! The $100 Program is easily accessed by firefighters. They carry the money on apparatus and are reimbursed through the Foundation after submitting an explanation (situation, purpose, amount of expenditure, etc).

In 2008, the SFD Foundation was able to distribute $1,798.00 to needy citizens and visitors through the 100 Dollar Program.

Smoke Detector Distribution

In 2008, the Foundation also purchased 72 smoke detectors with funds primarily
received from a grant through the Wal-Mart Corporation. These detectors are stored on fire apparatus and in Fire Stations. When Administration receives a request for a smoke detector from a citizen in need; or when Fire Companies identify a need, we install them promptly and correctly–no questions asked, no charge and no cost to the taxpayer.

Hundreds of free smoke detectors have been installed by SFD companies around the City. While it is difficult to quantify the number of lives this program has saved;

Spokane has definitely been made a safer by providing this life-saving tool for those in need.

C.A.R.E.S. Progam – Creative Solutions to Complex and Ever Growing Challenges

The Community Assistance Response Team (CARES) debuted as a stronger, evolving aspect to the SFD in 2008 with incredible success in a such a short amount of time. The Community Assistance Response Team (CARES) collaborates with the Spokane Fire Department and emergency responders to help vulnerable populations who face barriers in identifying and utilizing appropriate community resources. CARES assists these individuals by connecting them with appropriate resources that address their immediate, short term, and long term needs. The program aims at solving community problems by enhancing independent living for seniors or individuals with disabilities, increasing access to healthcare and other basic needs, participate in organizing the community around issues that are important to a broad sector of Spokane City, all while promoting diversity awareness, understanding, and inclusiveness. The Foundation provides small amounts of funding to the CARES Team for small equipment, perishables, clothing and other items that help them respond to the needs of the companies in the field.

Fire Prevention Public Education Program

The Public Education program of the SFD has been the hardest hit through the years from budget cuts and is now even barely funded–hence the need for the Foundation’s support.

On-site Presentation at Schools


Spokane Fire Department visits approximately 40 preschool classrooms per school year. Includes Teacher Kit with NFPA “Learn Not To Burn” Preschool book and cassette of Fire safety songs, BIC “Play safe! Be safe” story cards and video. along with parent pamphlets (“Babysitter Safety”, “Fire Safety for Preschoolers”, home fire escape planning) and individual coloring books and cardboard fire truck to reinforce the lessons.

Fire Prevention cost for one (1) preschool classroom $50

Primary School – Kindergarten through Grade 2

Set includes “The ABCs of Fire Safety” activity book, “Test your smoke alarm” Sparky
sticker, Sparky’s Home Inspection brochure, fire escape plan and note to parent, and
“Practice your escape plan” Sparky magnet.

Fire Prevention cost for one (1) classroom of 25 students – $31.25

Primary School – Grades 3 and 4

These children participates in the Children’s Fire Safety House brought on location to schools. Set includes Children’s Fire Safety House booklet, “Test your smoke alarm” sticker, “Practice your escape plan” Sparky magnet, and Sparky Pencil caddy with “Get out! Stay out!” message and letter to parents.

Fire Prevention cost for one (1) school with an average of 150 3rd and 4th graders – $360

Middle School – Grades 5 through 8

Set includes “Firesafety Workbook, grades 5 – 8” designed by Spokane Fire Department and Spokane Fire Department magnet with message on fireworks. Spokane Fire Department teaches “Fireworks and Flammables to approximately 600.

Middle School students per year for a total cost of over $600

Fire Station Tours

$2.40 per student (300 persons x 14 stations = $10,080)
Set includes red plastic firefighter hat (for preschool through grade 1) or clip-on flashing safety light for pedestrian safety for kids grade 2 and older, age-appropriate activity book (e.g. Sparky’s “Stuff-to-do”, Sparky’s Fire Safety Show comic, or Risk Watch (injury prevention) workbook), and fire escape plan and letter on
photoelectric detectors.

Senior Citizens
$42 buys the two NFPA brochures on preventing fires and falls for 100 older adults.
$24 buys two photoelectric smoke detectors for low-income seniors or homeowners.

Senior Citizens

$42 buys the two NFPA brochures on preventing fires and falls for 100 older adults.
$24 buys two photoelectric smoke detectors for low-income seniors or homeowners.

Donate to Spokane Fire Department

We accept donations online and by check or money order by mail to help the Spokane Fire Department maintain their valuable support services for the citizens and visitors of Spokane.