Strategic Partners

Rekindled Pride

The Foundation has forged a business relationship with “Rekindled Pride” in CdA, Idaho to share revenue of Fire Service items made from recycled, condemned fire service personal protective equipment (PPE). Rekindled Pride will cut up the old equipment, ensuring it will never see a fire building again. The pieces will then be sewn together to give the old garment a new purpose, continuing its rich history of service. In exchange for the equipment, Rekindled Pride has agreed to offer the following donations to the Spokane Fire Department Foundation. 

Rekindled Pride will make efforts to supply Spokane Fire with an inventory of dog toys to sell in their offices. Fifteen percent of the proceeds from the sale of these toys will be retained by the Foundation.

SFD Clocks by SFD Dispatcher Lori Lacy

Another recent partnership in 2008 was with SFD’s own Lori Lacy. SFD Dispatcher Lacy spent innumerable hours designing and marketing “SFD Clock” to many of the members which resulted in an initial $70.00 donation from those sales this year to the Foundation and will hopefully become an annual necessity during Christmas Time.

Community Partners

Donate to Spokane Fire Department

We accept donations online and by check or money order by mail to help the Spokane Fire Department maintain their valuable support services for the citizens and visitors of Spokane.