About Us

The Spokane Fire Department (SFD) Foundation has been established to further the mission of the Spokane Fire Department by:

  • Assist victims of fire and disaster primarily by providing financial and capital support to the Spokane Fire Department’s Community Assistance Response Team, CERT and FireCorps Program.
  • The strategic goal of the SFD Foundation is to provide assistance for the Spokane Fire Department’s CARES Program and support activities for the citizens and visitors of the City of Spokane. Primary funding for the SFD is provided through local taxes, however budgets are ever-shrinking and often funding for non-emergency programs are the victims. The Foundation provides an opportunity for resources that would otherwise be unmet within the SFD budget.
  • The SFD, through your tax dollars, provides excellent service to the citizens of the City of Spokane. SFD Foundation works collaboratively with the SFD through the Board to identify and prioritize resources that the Foundation may be able to provide to enhance services to residents in the City of Spokane. This “wish list” is updated periodically.

SFD Foundation Leadership

Board Members

Spokane Fire Department Fire Chief

Brian Schaeffer

Deputy Fire Chief

Jay Atwood

Retired Spokane Fire Department Captain and Combined Communication Director (CCC)

Erv Williams

Erv currently serves on several Boards and Committees including the Spokane Firefighter’s Credit Union.

Donate to Spokane Fire Department

We accept donations online and by check or money order by mail to help the Spokane Fire Department maintain their valuable support services for the citizens and visitors of Spokane.